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I am the 40%

May 16, 2013

The Food Waste Project’s long-awaited short film is here! The premier of the film at the Pollock Theater at UC-Santa Barbara had in incredible turnout! Thanks to everyone who contributed to the making of this film and the project! Enjoy!

GOOD Transparency Food: Waste Not, Want Not

January 1, 2013

Waste throughout the food system, or from farm to fork, in America causes a multitude of environmental problems.  Food which is thrown away or wasted at any stage of the supply chain for any reason eventually rots in our nation’s landfills, where it releases methane into the atmosphere as it decomposes.  Beyond leading to methane emissions, food waste also implies the waste of all resources such as fertilizer, energy, and water embodied in that food.  Significant social and economic problems also persist as a result of food waste in the United States, where experts assert that overall 40% of food produced is lost or wasted.

Among all of the stages in the food supply chain, losses at the consumer level, both in and out of the home, are the largest both in terms of weight and value.  While the United Kingdom has conducted several studies on the drivers of consumer food waste, similar studies are lacking in the United States.  Similarly, countries in the United Kingdom have strived to raise consumer awareness about the problems surrounding food waste as well as simple behavioral changes that can help to mitigate the problem.  Our project, consisting of a survey of Californians regarding their knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors related to food waste as well as our integrated communications campaign, aims to fill both of these voids within the United States.

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