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Our Mission

Four students from the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management have teamed up to create The Food Waste Project, which aims to raise public awareness regarding the environmental, economic, and social effects of food waste in California and beyond.  This was done in response to our investigation of the overwhelming quantity of food wasted throughout the United States.  We felt that this issue deserved full attention due to it’s potential for improvement and set off during the summer of 2012 to fulfill our goals of raising awareness f or, educating about, and advancing the understanding of wasted food. Wasting nearly 40% of our nation’s food from farm to fork is unsustainable, and educating the public is a critical, yet missing piece of the solution.  During 2012 and 2013 we conducted a statewide survey on consumer food waste and then created a short film based on what we found in order to to inspire changes in the way our society wastes food.  As a society, we need to change our consumption habits for the good of the planet and our future on it.  Wasting less food will help drive local, national, and global sustainability efforts to fight climate change, excessive natural resource use, as well as hunger.Mkt Stawberries                                                                          Photo: T. Lee


Holly Capell

IMG_9421 Holly grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and received her BA in Applied Mathematics from UC Berkeley in 2010.  As an undergrad, she interned at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in the Biological Sciences Division and, after graduation, worked as a math tutor.  She is currently specializing in Corporate Environmental Management at the Bren School.   Holly hopes to pursue a career in Corporate Sustainability at an environmentally responsible company.  In her spare time, Holly enjoys traveling, cooking, playing soccer, and reading.





Adam Knox

IMG_9420 Adam spent 5 years in Hawaii after moving from his home state of Ohio before coming to Bren. It was there while working for the Maui Invasive Species Committee, a conservation project of the University of Hawaii, that he decided  environmental science was his passion and chose to pursue a Master’s of Environmental Science & Management.  Adam is a certified SCUBA instructor who also worked as a dive guide in Hawaii, running daily diving charters on the island of Oahu before moving to Maui. Adam is pursuing his MESM with specializations in Corporate Environmental Management and Eco-Entrepreneurship, which he plans to utilize as an environmental consultant in sustainability. He enjoys surfing, sailing, and exploring the wilderness in his free time.




Travis Lee

IMG_9422 Travis grew up in northern New Jersey and graduated from the University of Washington with a BS in Environmental Science and Resource Management.  He is currently specializing in Corporate Environmental Management and Energy & Climate at the Bren School.  Travis was an intern with the UNECE Sustainable Energy Division in Geneva last summer and hopes to pursue a career in sustainability management and corporate social responsibility.  In his free time Travis enjoys surfing, photography, and ultimate frisbee.




Brooke Malik

IMG_9423 After graduating from Chapman University with a BS in Business Administration, Brooke accepted a Entrepreneurial Management Trainee position with Revolution Prep.  Eventually Brooke became a Regional Manager with the company and was responsible for running the company’s largest region.  Brooke became increasingly interested in environmental issues, and after interning as a writer for she decided to attend Bren where she is currently pursuing specializations in Corporate Environmental Management and Energy & Climate.  Brooke currently works as a research assistant for UCSB’s Institute for Energy Efficiency and worked as an Environmental Sustainability Associate at Blue Shield of California last summer.  In her spare time Brooke enjoys running, cooking, and spending time with friends and family.




Gary Libecap 

Libecap pic2Project Advisor; PhD, BA, Economics, University of Pennsylvania; BA, Economics, University of Montana

Gary Libecap came to the Bren School in 2006 after more than twenty years at the University of Arizona, Tucson, where, in addition to teaching business, law, and economics, often in a natural resource context, he developed and directed the nation’s top-ranked entrepreneurship program. His interdisciplinary focus and expertise in issues related to entrepreneurship and sustainable business practices led to his critical role in developing the Eco-Entrepreneurship focus, a joint venture between the Bren School and the School of Engineering. Professor Libecap’s current research is focused on the legal, economic, and policy aspects of water allocation in the western United States. He has been president of the Economic History Association, the Western Economics Association International, and the International Society for the New Institutional Economics, and he holds high-level appointments at several top institutions around the country.